ABOUT The Eugene Online Academy (EOA) is a tuition-free K-12 Alternative Education Program provided by Eugene School District 4J. Our students’ education is 100% online with EOA. All students are provided an iPad with a keyboard (K-5) or a laptop (6-12).

PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS Elementary school – Online classroom learning on a set schedule, offering a combination of real-time teaching and independent learning opportunities. The school day is planned from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm, Monday-Friday (1:45 pm early release on Wednesdays).

All grades: Eugene Online Academy (EOA) –EOA Grades K-5 Are Synchronous (live zoom) classes taught by 4J teachers using the same curriculum as our brick and mortar schools. Grades 6-12- Independent, asynchronous learning on a flexible schedule and regular check-ins with 4J teachers. The Eugene Online Academy is a K-12 Alternative Education Program offered by Eugene School District 4J that combines online learning and in-person support from 4J teachers and staff for a unique alternative to the traditional classroom setting. The Eugene Online Academy offers flexible scheduling and a wide variety of courses including core classes, career and technical education (CTE) courses and electives. The EOA program allows students to explore and concentrate on individual career pathways. Students in the Eugene Online Academy may also have the option of participating in extracurricular activities at their neighborhood school, and/or taking in-person classes in some limited circumstances.

Q: Can I attend EOA if I move away or travel outside of Oregon? No. To be enrolled in local public schools, students must live in the district, or live in a neighboring district and be granted an inter-district transfer. School-issued devices may not be taken out the state, and many school apps and systems will not be accessible from outside of Oregon. Students will not be able to attend 4J schools living outside the state. —– These programs will be districtwide, with fewer online students expected than last year. Online learning will not be linked to individual 4J schools nor will it offer special programs such as language immersion. Students will be able to return to their regular school at the term change or next year. Online coursework is completed off-campus, but students seeking additional support can meet with a 4J teacher either via phone, video meeting, or in person at the Eugene Online Academy workspace at 101 W. 10th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401.


  • Students have a personalized learning experience.
  • The program is flexible and customizable to your schedule and needs.
  • 4J teachers and mentors are available daily, in person, and online.
  • Students are issued a computer or tablet (type of device is dependent on grade).
  • Full-time or part-time options are available.
  • Core classes are offered.
  • Career and technical education (CTE) options are available.
  • Electives are available.



Scott Mayers, Principal, mayers_s@4j.lane.edu

Beth Kruziki, Assistant Principal, kruziki_b@4j.lane.edu

Ann Richer, EOA Secretary & Middle School Mentor (Class Support/Tech Support), eugeneonline@4j.lane.edu, Contact Phone: 541-731-7563

Steve Grossberg, EOA Online Learning Coordinator (TOSA), grossberg_s@4j.lane.edu

Elsa Andrew, EOA Registrar, andrew_e@4j.lane.edu, Contact Phone: 541-790-7712


The Eugene Online Academy has a full time counselor who works with students and staff to build schedules.

Darla Humbert, EOA Counselor,  humbert_d@4j.lane.edu

Teresa Montes Cervantes, Social Worker EOA & ECCO, montescervantes_t@4j.lane.edu

Jen King, Student Services Department (SSD) Case Manager, king_j@4j.lane.edu

Robin Chappell, English Language Development (ELD), chapell@4j.lane.edu

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